Project development of international concepts in the hotel and gastronomy sector

  • Creating the concept
    Talk us through your vision, and we will offer ideas to create an inimitable concept with maximum appeal.
  • Financial planning including profitability checks
    We will analyse the market potential, taking into consideration all the internal and external factors. Profitability plans can therefore be assessed, and advice regarding various ways of financing your project will also be outlined.
  • Design development 
    We know what your customers want; therefore we can offer you the right solutions, which combine technology with design.

  • The building works
    We can liaise with construction companies, gathering offers and overseeing the entire building works up to completion.

  • Marketing concept
    We will help you put together a sound marketing campaign, and then show you how and when to run your marketing initiatives in order to create the maximum impact. We can create concepts for your public relations, which include, but go much further than, designing a logo.

  • Employees
    We can select the right people for you and provide them with the right training courses prior to, and after, the opening. The results are employees who identify with the business and feel a clear sense of loyalty to the brand.

  • The opening
    We will plan and organise the opening of your business, so that you can make a positive first impression with your potential customers.

  • Support and advice
    We will be there for you after the opening, in order to help you run and build your business.

We look forward hearing from you. Please send your enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!