Current projects

Here you can find out more about our current projects  in Vienna, the Grünauer project was realized in the USA.


Frank’s Dry Aged Beef – meticulously produced steaks that incorporate art and engineering into food preparation (since September 2011)

4 years of initial planning, 2 intensive years planning the actual dry-ageing room, and 3 months of hard work to renovate the restaurant to incorporate this ‘dry-ageing display area’. A lot of time and effort for a space only 10 m³, in which carefully selected Austrian beef can be hung in air that is continuously monitored in terms of temperature, humidity and circulation - in order to create the best dry aged taste sensation.


Latin Inspired Market Cuisine (since May 2014)

I believe that Latin America has an interesting cuisine to offer, that has been long underrated. The flavors and aromas are as diverse and amazing as the many cultures that we find there.This is why I am very proud to be one of the first in Vienna to be able to present this wonderful and eclectic cuisine.

Chef Alexander Theil has worked and spent many years throughout Latin America, he has  gathered knowlege and experience  about  the flavors and  cooking techniques of this varied and colorful land. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to work amongst  the best chefs in the United States including Jean George Vongerichten, Charlie Trotter and Grey Kunz.

Come and enjoy this trip to Latin America and feel the positive spirit!


Contemporary Asian cuisine (since 1999)

Klaus Piber helped to pave the path into what was new territory for Vienna at that time (1999); Asian cuisine with a European approach in order to bring the customer closer. Authentic recipes from a variety of different parts of Asia would be brought closer to the European palate by means of carefully setting them in courses and matching them to accompanying world-class wines. The preparation of the dishes would incorporate the European tastes, for example, meat and fish would not be cooked until well done, however just carefully prepared to the point where the meat retained its succulence. For some years now, the restaurant has enjoyed its status as a gourmet restaurant acclaimed with 2 ‘Hauben’ in the gourmet guide Gault Millau. Its 2 ‘Hauben’ status, various other awards from the press, and incredibly positive feedback from customers, make Head Chef, Andreas Fuchs, and indeed the entire team at Yohm proud of its achievements.


Grünauer restaurant in Kansas City (since June 2010)

Authentic Austrian cuisine in the heart of Kansas City.
Together with Peter and Nick Grünauer, Klaus Piber has managed to establish a Viennese ‘Gasthaus’ in Kansas City. Peter (who has worked in New York since the ‘70s) and his children Nick and Elisabeth wanted to open a restaurant that should resemble the Gasthaus Grünauer in the Hermanngasse, Vienna.  The Gasthaus Grünauer in Vienna has been a popular and successful family-run restaurant for years. Klaus Piber was able to help found the business, and since then offer guidance and advice on not only the administrative side of the business, but also his know-how when it comes to gastronomy, by means of his New York consultancy company ‘Piber Hospitality Consulting Inc’.  The concept has been so well received that further Grünauer restaurants in the USA are in the pipeline.