Gastronomy consulting

Are you already running a business?

We would love to help you increase your profit margins!

  • Help with re-defining or fine-tuning your concept
    We support you in the development and growth of your business, and in achieving your goals. We can assess any areas which need to be improved, and together we can implement the necessary measures.
  • Creating a financial plan
    We will help you put together a financial plan to be submitted to a financial institution or presented to potential investors.
  • Trouble-shooting and profitability
    After a close look at the processes, any problem areas will be identified and dealt with in order to optimise the running of your business. We support you in meeting the demands of your customers and succeeding highly competitive markets.
  • Financial monitoring
    We offer rigorous and continuous monitoring of all internal and external processes.
  • Quality control
    We suggest measures to fight various factors, which (if unchecked) could lead to a drop in turnover.
  • Staff training courses
    We run courses specific to a department, or a concept, in order to optimise the way everyone works together.

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